Friday, November 5, 2010

Indigent Legal Services Board Meets, Begins Director Search

At last, all positions on the Indigent Legal Services Board created by statute earlier this year have been filled! The Board held its first meeting on November 1st, and is embarking on a national search to fill the position of Director of the Office of Indigent Legal Services. While this Board is not the Independent Public Defense Commission we still believe New York State needs, its creation holds great promise for improving public defense services. The Campaign thanks its supporters, who helped bring about this first step in much-needed reform in how New York State addresses its public defense responsibility. Our efforts to see widespread meaningful change in the form of an Independent Public Defense Commission will continue; we look forward to your continued help.

The members of the Board are:
• Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman
• Michael G. Breslin (Albany County Executive)
• Judge Sheila DiTullio (Erie County Court Judge)
• John R. Dunne (former member of the Kaye Commission)
• Gail Gray (NYC criminal defense attorney)
• Susan V. John (currently, Assemblywoman from Rochester)
• Joseph C. Mareane (Tompkins County Administrator)
• Leonard Noisette (former director of the Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem)
• Susan Sovie (Watertown Family Court attorney)

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